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ZustainaBox is the box with a mission, to bring sustainable products to the masses. Stuff is the biggest driver of the climate problems we have. They focus on the power you have as a consumer, by showing that everybody can make a positive impact by changing to a sustainable lifestyle and using the eco alternatives of your day to day products. All while making it easy, affordable and fun. If we stop buying crap, companies will stop producing crap.

All products in the box are vegan, plastic-free, low impact and made by local entrepreneurs. They are good for yourself, but also for our earth. ZustainaBox shows people what the right chooses are to make and make it as easy and affordable as possible to do so. But they also take it one step further by educating them with the daily and weekly content they put out.

Sancho partnered up with this sustainable brand on multiple boxes. To deliver a unique and eco father’s day gift. You can order yours now through their website. The fathersday gift exists out of several items from multiple local entrepreneurs. From a grow your own herb set to anti-foodwaste ketchup. We are proud to take part in this gifts for dads that like food.

Support Your Locals 010

Rotterdam product makers, who depend on the hospitality industry, have been severely affected by the corona crisis. Suport Your Locals 010 bundled them in a shopping box! A new one every week and delivered to your home for the weekend. This way you can enjoy all the goodies that Rotterdam has to offer.


KINO Rotterdam is a cinema, restaurant and bar in the center of Rotterdam. The core of KINO is quality film, with a varying film range from arthouse to blockbusters, from shorts to classics. You can work, drink, eat, drink and watch movies from early afternoon to late evening.

LantarenVenster Rotterdam

LantarenVenster is a theater for the best films and jazz in town. With more than 9600 film screenings a year, more than 120 concerts, various major festivals, educational projects, congresses and other public events, there is always something going on seven days a week.

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